Buying a Netbook has a great article on buying netbooks for business owners: Four Tips for Buying a Netbook. It’s one of Hannah Clark Steiman’s The Goods: Quick Hits series.

Asus Eee PC Netbook with Intel Celeron M Processor 353 - White

Four main netbooks shopping points:
1. Think screen size – How small can you go? 10″ minilaptop vs 9″ minilaptop may actually be a big difference.
2. Try one – If you haven’t tried one, head over to Best Buy and check one out in person!
3. Do you need it now? – Newer models will come out and prices will drop if you wait a few months.
4. Do you really need it? – Minilaptops are great for travel, but will you really use it? Do you really need it?

Check out the full article here:

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