Super-Fast Mini-Laptop from LG (LG-X120)

March 2nd, 2009 Borya K Posted in LG Netbooks No Comments »

The new LG mini-laptop (LG-X120) promises a 5 second turn on time. This is blazing fast, especially for a netbook.

LG-X120 Netbook

Source: LG Electronics

It’s set to be released in Europe later this month. Not sure when the netbook will be available here. Also not sure if it’ll have a Windows OS option. Gadgetspy says yes, but I don’t see that on the LG site. Please post a comment if you know the answer.

It’ll come with a 160GB HD, LED backlight 10 inch screen (brighter picture, saves energy), built-in camera, TRU-Sound speakers, and will be available with a 7-hr battery option (3.5 standard, though in tests it might be less).

More details available at GadgetSpy and LG.