Black Friday DVD Writer Deal

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Looking for a good external cd/dvd player? Check out the Lite-On ETAU208-96 Slim External DVD Writer. It’s USB powered, top-loading, and only $29.99 as part of TigerDirect’s Black Friday Sale.

Lite-On ETAU208-96 Slim External DVD Writer
Lite-On ETAU208-96 Slim External DVD Writer (Image from

Lite-On ETAU208-96 Slim External DVD Writer
(Image from

A Personal Story
I normally just post about netbooks, but this is a great deal on a good minilaptop accessory.

I’ll tell you a secret: I’m a books on tape addict. I grab a bunch at the library and steadily listen through them as I drive to and from work. The problem is most of the readers read way too slowly.

Luckily, there is a solution: VLC Media Player’s pitch control. I can play books at 1.5 to 2.2 x faster without any problems and I can control it with just a simple keyboard click (“[" and "]” are the shortcuts).

The only problem is netbooks don’t have cd drives or any other kind of optical drives. To get around this I ended up buying a generic USB-powered CD drive from eBay and couldn’t wait to get my efficiency booster into action (2x the speed = 2x the books).

Sadly, after a few trips, I ended up putting it away. Loading it was just too much for the road. As much as I want to listen to more books, safety and accident avoidance are higher priorities.

Now there’s a good solution available: a nice, sleek, top-loading DVD Writer (not just a CD player) and it’s only $29.99 at TigerDirect.

Whether you want a books on tape pitch control solution or are looking for a quality optical drive for your netbook, this is good deal.

Here are the specs, just in case:
Lite-On ETAU208-96 Slim External DVD Writer
DVD+R9 / DVD-R9 6X
CD-R 24X
Power-Saving Mode
Lightscribe Technology
Color: Black

For more details and warranty and shipping options, visit TigerDirect’s ETAU208-96 Product Page.

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate, meaning I may make around dollar if you choose to buy this DVD writer or maybe a little more (a few dollars) if you choose to buy something more expensive. Please notice that I don’t post too often and only write about truly worthwhile deals and stories.